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Friday, Dec 14 '12, Tevet 1, 5773
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American Troops to Help Protect Turkey from Syria
Intl. Bible Contest - Never to Young, Never to Old
Soldier who Shot Terrorist Faces Death Threats
Poll: Only 28% Still Believe in PA Partner
IDF Soldiers Foil Firebomb Attack in Hevron
Bleach Attack on Advocate for Sexual Abuse Victims
New Photos of Zoabi with Marmara Terrorists
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1. Muslims Riot, Jews Banned from Temple Mount
by Maayana Miskin Muslims Riot, Jews Banned from Temple Mount

Jews have been barred from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem until Sunday, the last day of Hannukah. The Temple Mount is the holiest site on earth according to Jewish tradition.

The ban is aimed at preventing a Muslim riot at the site. Riots are thought to be particularly likely following Friday prayers.

It follows riots and terror attacks in Judea and Samaria. Tensions were particularly high following two incidents in which soldiers shot Arab attackers in Hevron.

Jewish organizations dedicated to Temple Mount activism expressed upset at the police ban. “The police treat the Temple Mount like a Muslim site, and open it to others only when necessary for tourism, at times and on days that suit tourists,” activists accused.

“In comparison,” they continued, “Jewish residents of Israel are discriminated against.”

They called to leave the Temple Mount open to Jews on every Jewish holiday. “The police must consider the many who wish to ascend the Mount for prayers and visits on Jewish holidays, and to institute the model used in the Tomb of the Patriarchs,” they urged. The Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hevron is normally split between Jews and Muslims, but is opened in its entirety to each religion on its holidays.

Currently Jewish prayer is not allowed on the Temple Mount, again for fear of Muslim reactions. Jews are allowed to visit the holy site but can be arrested for praying or even moving their lips in what appears to be prayer.

Activist groups have intervened against such arrests, and have successfully lobbied police to ease anti-Jewish discrimination.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012
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2. American Troops to Help Protect Turkey from Syria
by Maayana Miskin American Troops to Help Protect Turkey from Syria

The United States will send Patriot air defense missiles and 400 troops to Turkey to defend it from Syria, AP reported Friday. Pentagon press secretary George Little said Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has signed a deployment order.

Turkey requested assistance from NATO following multiple incidents in which violence in Syria spilled over the border. In October, Turkish officials reported having found Russian military supplies on board a plane heading for Syria.

Earlier in the year the Syrian army shot down a Turkish plane.

The Patriot missiles are capable of shooting down both missiles and aircraft. Panetta said the decision to move the missiles to Turkey would “help Turkey have the kind of missile defense it may very well need to deal with the threats coming out of Syria.”

Syria has previously slammed the plan to deploy Patriot missiles in Turkey as “a new act of provocation.”

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3. Intl. Bible Contest - Never to Young, Never to Old
by Yoni Kempinski and A7 staff Intl. Bible Contest - Never to Young, Never to Old

Bible Contest winners spoke to Arutz Sheva about what makes the Bible Quiz in Israel special, what makes it hard, and what Bible learning means to them and to the Jewish people.

The International Bible Contest for Adults (Chidon Hatanach Lemevugarim) was held in Jerusalem this week for the first time in 32 years. More than 900 people from 51 countries took part.

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4. Soldier who Shot Terrorist Faces Death Threats
by Maayana Miskin Soldier who Shot Terrorist Faces Death Threats

The 20-year-old Border Police officer who shot an Arab attacker in Hevron this week is facing death threats. Arab-language websites have published her picture, and social media users are calling for retaliation.

Hebrew media outlets have blurred the soldier’s image.

The female officer fired on a young Arab man who was pointing a gun at a fellow soldier. An investigation found that the 17-year-old attacker’s gun had contained no bullets, but as the officer told interviewers, “I thought that my partner would die if I didn’t act within seconds. There was no time to confirm that the gun was real.”

Comments posted in Arabic on social networking sites blamed her nonetheless. “Your day is approaching,” some users threatened, while others called her “criminal.”

One website displayed her picture next to that of a hand holding a gun and the words, “Your day is close – yours, and all the Zionists.” Another wrote, “Wanted for international justice – we demand to try the murderess in the international court at the Hague.”

Minister of Internal Security Yitzchak Aharonovich called the officer Thursday to offer his praise and support. “You did exactly what you were trained to do, bravely and without hesitation,” he told her. “I respect and honor the [Border Police] activity in this complicated area.”

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5. Poll: Only 28% Still Believe in ‘Palestinian Partner’
by Maayana Miskin Poll: Only 28% Still Believe in PA Partner

Only 28.2% of Israelis believe that Israel has a partner for peace in negotiations with the Palestinians, according to a new survey conducted by Gal Hadash for Yisrael Hayom. 62.4% say there is no partner for peace.

The Arab population of Judea, Samaria and Gaza is currently politically split. Those in Gaza are ruled by Hamas, which rejects Israel’s existence and calls to destroy the Jewish state.

The Fatah-led Palestinian Authority headed by Mahmoud Abbas has control in Judea and Samaria. Abbas’ term in office expired in 2010, but the PA has declined to hold new elections prior to reconciliation with Hamas.

The Gal Hadash survey also found that 75.3% of Israelis believe Likud Beyteinu, led by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, will win the upcoming national elections and form the next government. Just 9.2% of respondents said they believe the Labor party will lead the next administration.

Netanyahu had the most support among respondents, with 40.7% naming him as their preferred candidate for Prime Minister. Tzipi Livni was in second place with 13.1% support, while the Labor party’s Shelly Yechimovich came in third with 7.6% support.

Those polled were also asked for their opinion regarding ongoing attempts to disqualify MK Hanin Zoabi from the Knesset race. 55.2% said they support the effort, while 29.1% said Zoabi should be left alone.

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6. IDF Soldiers Foil Firebomb Attack in Hevron
by Elad Benari IDF Soldiers Foil Firebomb Attack in Hevron

Members of an IDF unit stationed near Hevron shot an Arab terrorist as he prepared to throw a firebomb at them on Thursday evening.

Arab reports claimed that the terrorist was seriously wounded and taken to hospital in the city.

Earlier on Thursday, terrorists threw a firebomb at an IDF position in the city. There were no injuries or damages.

Also on Thursday, three firebombs were thrown at an Israeli car travelling near Al-Khader, west of Bethlehem. There were no injuries or damages.

Palestinian Authority Arabs rioted Thursday in Hevron, where they hurled rocks and bottles at Israeli soldiers. IDF troops responded with mob control methods that included the use of tear gas.

There were no reports of serious injuries, according to local sources, who said that nearly a hundred protesters had attempted to storm the IDF troops.

The Arab rioting occurred several hours after a female officer shot and killed a 17-year-old PA Arab terrorist who pulled a gun on Border Police officers near Hevron.

A police sapper who arrived subsequently to check out the gun determined that it was a fake gun.

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7. Bleach Attack on Advocate for Jewish Victims of Sexual Abuse
by Chana Ya'ar Bleach Attack on Advocate for Sexual Abuse Victims

A Williamsburg fishmonger hurled a cup of bleach Tuesday at a rabbi who advocates for victims of sexual abuse. Both are members of Brooklyn's Orthodox Jewish community.

Police have charged 36-year-old Williamsburg resident Meilech Schnitzler, for allegedly throwing the chemical at Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg as he walked near Schnitzler's fish store on Tuesday. For years, Rosenberg has been blogging about sexual abuse in the hareidi-religious Jewish community.

The rabbi's face and eyes were burned by the bleach, and his clothes were ruined as well, according to a police report.

Schnitzler, the chairman of the company that owns Schnitzler's Famous Fish, turned himself in to the 90th NYPD precinct, police said. He was  charged with felony assault, criminal possession of a weapon, misdemeanor assault, menacing and criminal mischief, according to a police spokesman.

Rosenberg, 62, has told media that in the past, efforts to intimidate him have not been taken seriously by the office of Brooklyn District Attorney Charles J. Hynes. He also accused Hynes of turning a blind eye to crime in the Brooklyn hareidi-religious community for financial and political gain. The position of district attorney in New York is an elective office.

Tensions are high this week, due to the conviction on Monday of Rabbi Nehemia Weberman, a prominent self-styled “counselor” in New York's hareidi-religious Jewish community. Weberman was convicted on 59 counts of sexual abuse. 

However, police said there appeared to be no connection between the attack on Rosenberg and the conviction of Weberman, who had the backing of the community's rabbinical leaders as well as much of the Jewish community both in the United States and abroad. 

The district attorney's office warned Monday that people acting like “thugs” in the community would be punished. The next day, Hynes spokesman Jerry Schmetterer said the attack on Rosenberg would be investigated.

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8. New Photos of Zoabi with Marmara Terrorists
by Maayana Miskin New Photos of Zoabi with Marmara Terrorists

The bid to keep MK Hanin Zoabi out of the next Knesset is likely to succeed due in part to never-seen-before proof of her involvement in an attack on IDF soldiers, MK Danny Danon (Likud) told Arutz Sheva.

A video already released shows Zoabi knew in advance that Turkish men aboard the ship Mavi Marmara, which attempted to forcibly break the IDF naval blockade on Hamas, were planning to attack soldiers. Danon said that in addition to that, there are new photos “that the public has not seen” that he hopes will be revealed in court.

Zoabi was widely criticized for taking part in the attempt to open the sea to Hamas imports, but remained in Knesset. She also met with senior Hamas terrorists and said that Israel has “no right to a normal life.”

Danon said he believes the Central Elections Committee will vote to disqualify Zoabi from the elections, and hopes that this time, the Supreme Court will not intervene. “Before the Second Lebanon War, the Supreme Court overturned the Elections Committee’s decision to disqualify Azmi Bishara and Balad,” he noted.

“[The court] argued that it was just talk, not actions. In the end, we all remember his act of treason during the Second Lebanon War,” Danon said. Bishara was found to have given classified information to Hizbullah during the war. He has since fled the country.

“I am convinced that this time the court, too, will not oppose the disqualification of Zoabi, who is basically continuing in Bishara’s path,” he said. “She got on the Marmara and called for a  new Intifada, and to hurt the ‘occupation soldiers.’”

Danon said he has submitted a petition signed by 11,000 people calling for Zoabi to be banned from Knesset.

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